The ICES Working Group on Phytoplankton and Microbial Ecology (WGPME) is an expert working group of phytoplankton and microbial taxonomic, ecological, and chemical scientists.  In addition to providing expert review and advice on taxonomic and molecular sampling methods and issues, WGPME collectively monitors phytoplankton and microbial plankton sampling activities in the North Atlantic region, including comparative analyses of time series (from national monitoring programs) in relation to climate variability, eutrophication, and ocean acidification.

WGPME had its first meeting in March of 2010, during which this web site was first established.  In 2012, WGPME published its first Phytoplankton & Microbial Plankton Status Report.  As the WGPME group continues to develop and expand its activities, this web site will be expanded with additional content and materials.