WGPME Species Lists

This page contains lists of all reported WGPME (phytoplankton) and WGZE (zooplankton) plankton taxa that are regularly observed by the WGPME/WGZE time series programs.  These lists (phytoplankton or zooplankton) are accessible in either a taxonomic hierarchy table (e.g., grouping all copepods genera together, grouping all diatoms genera together) or in very simple, name-sorted list of the Latin names.

  Phytoplankton (WGPME)   Zooplankton (WGZE)
Grouped by Taxonomic Hierarchy show me this table   show me this table
Simple lists of all taxa names show me this listing   show me this listing


wgpme sample mapIn either listing, holding your mouse over the "show dist map" will show a small map of WGPME/WGZE time series sites where that taxa or group was observed. (Clicking on that same link will show a large map.)  Clicking on the link in the "COPEPEDIA" column will take you to the COPEPEDIA entry for that species or taxa, which may contain additional information, photos, or even trait data.

This feature is currently in development and will be expanded over time as more sites and information are added.


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