WGPME-2016 (Boothbay Harbor, Maine, United States)

The ICES Working Group on Phytoplankton and Microbial Ecology (WGPME) held its seventh meeting in Boothbay Harbor, Maine (United States), at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.


---> Group Photo 2016 (high resolution - click here) <--- 

Left to Right

- Nicole Poulton (USA, Bigelow Laboratory)

- Emmanueal Devred (Canada, DFO + AZMP)

- Alexandra Kraberg co-chair (Germany, AWI)

- Marie Johansen - co-chair (Sweden, SMHI)

- Norbert Wasmund (Germany, IOW)

- Todd O'Brien (USA, NOAA-NMFS)

- Eileen Bresnaan (Scotland, Marine Scotland)

- Glen Tarran (United Kingdom, Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

- Hafsteinn Gudfinnsson (Iceland, HAFRO)

- Heidi Sosik (USA, WHOI)

- Laura Lubelczyk (USA, Bigelow Laboratory)

- Nick Record (USA, Bigelow Laboratoy)

 Attendance-via-Telecom (not in photo):

- Rowena Stern (United Kingdom, SAHFOS)

- Katja Metfies (Germany, AWI)